School Discipline:


School Discipline :
 All students are expected to arrive on time. Students who arrive late for more than 5 minutes may be denied entry and late entry shall be made recorded in his/her badge.
 A student must not co-operate or indulge in any act of violence committed by other students which can harm any student physically or mentally.
 The school reserves to itself the right to expel any student whose diligence or progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
 Any kinds of toys, electronic gadgets, cell phones, watches, gold jewellery or sharparticles etc. are not allowed to bring in the school or else it will be confiscated. In case of the loss of valuables, the authority shall not undertake any responsibility for the loss.
 Firing crackers or splashing colours during Diwali / Holi or on other day in the school premises is strictly forbidden. Non- compliance of these instructions can result in expulsion from the school.

 The Principal of the school may recommend withdrawal of a student from theschool, if the students behavior or influence on others be detrimental to the general discipline and interest of the school. The recommendations would be put on to the Management for the final decision.

Procedure to Inculcate Discipline :
​Violations of the school rules will be subjected to a fine . The damaged objects have to be compensated according to the extent of damage done by the students. It will lead to following steps
 Parents being called to sign an undertaking and to pay the cost of damage.
 Name being struck off on serious offence.
 Issuing different cards observing gravity of the offence.