Principal Desk:-

Principal Desk :-

Principal’s Message
“The mind is not vessel to be filled by a file to be kindled.”
Learning is the process of constantly updating in an ever changing world. Education plays animportant role enabling a person to face a real life situation with adequate knowledge.School is a temple of learning and in J.B.M Public School we are making our best efforts togive quality education to our students. Major part of learning of any child is school life. It isonly after learning school that was really appreciate the feelings of having belonged to the school. Establish your school in your hearts and minds as something of switch you can reallybe proud.It is rightly said that “Education is the best friend”. An educated person is respectedeverywhere. Education bets the beauty and the youth. I have always believed in work,dedication and devotion to one’s profession.In student’s life, hard work and efforts are required to set the personality. All the best forthe efforts to the learn an wish them to set a benchmark. “Everything comes to you in the right moment”. Be patient. All the very best.